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Grow Up YoungTM Frequently Asked Questions

What is Grow Up Young™?

Grow Up Young™ is a partnership between Kimberly-Clark brands and Walt Disney World Parks. The program will run in February 2018. Participants who purchase specific Kimberly-Clark products during February 2018 are eligible to receive a free Disney Gift Card eGift and bring home the magic for their family.

What can I get when I submit my receipt?

You will get a $5 Disney Gift Card eGift for every $20 in participating Kimberly-Clark products purchased.

How can I upload my receipt?

Uploading and submitting your receipt is easy! Just follow these directions:
From your phone or tablet, visit GrowUpYoung.com on your mobile browser, then create an account or sign in to your existing account. Once you’re in, tap “Submit a Receipt” button. Then, tap “Upload Receipt” and follow the on-screen instructions to either take photo(s) or choose existing photo(s) of your receipt. For more detailed information on how to upload your receipt, read the instructions in the "How To" section of the Submit a Receipt webpage.

I successfully uploaded my receipt and the site says that it was rejected. What went wrong?

There are multiple reasons why your receipt might have been rejected, such as the image not being clear enough to read. The good news is that you can try again and resubmit. After signing in to your account on GrowUpYoung.com, visit your Upload History page. Scroll to the receipt listed as “Rejected,” tap on “Rejected” and you will be shown the reason why. Tap the “Submit a Receipt” button next to the rejection reason to begin the upload process again. Remember receipts must be submitted by March 13, 2018.

How many Disney Gift Card eGifts can I earn with Grow Up Young™? Is there a limit on how many receipts I can upload?

While there isn’t a limit on the number of receipts you can upload by March 13, 2018, you can only upload 20 receipts per day, and each user is limited to $200 worth of total receipts and $50 worth of total eGifts.

Can I only upload receipts with $20 or more of Kimberly-Clark products?

You can upload receipts with any dollar amount from participating products. Grow Up Young™ will continue to keep track of your accumulated purchase dollar amount so you can reach $20 and begin redeeming them for eGifts.

Which Kimberly-Clark products are part of Grow Up Young™?

You can upload receipts with any product from Huggies®, Pull-Ups®, GoodNites®, Kleenex®, Cottonelle®, Scott® and Viva®. Click here for a list of qualifying products.
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